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Public network of energy supply for e-vehicles
This initiative provides a new and easy-friendly source of energy for e-vehicles as it gives them more flexibility and wider range of travel distances. It is open to all (indivual and company-based e-vehicles) within Barcelona's province.
Beneficiaries should apply an application form to the municipality in order to get the card to get access to the electric charge grid with an initial credit of 25 EUR per vehicle. This initiative will enhance and promote e-mobility and it will reduce a range of 11-35% of CO2 eq emissions per km in relation to conventional fuel-based vehicles. It will enhance the awareness of e-mobility among inhabitants and it will indirectly reduce the greenhouse emissions. An annual monitoring process will be implemented by checking data of energy supplied, number and profile of charging periods, number of users.
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Refers to Oficina Municipal de l'Energia de Sabadell
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