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Monitoring Climate policy progress through shared
In the Netherlands we have set up a monitoring system for municipalities. This monitoring system helps municipalities with monitoring their own climate policy and it gives national insight in the progress municipalities make. The NL Agency gathers national available data, such as energy consumption by households in a certain postal area. This kind of data is made available through the National Statistics Bureau. Other data, such as energy labels for buildings on a municipal level, is available through the NL Agency itself. In this way we help municipalities by supplying them with data. The other way around through surveys municipalities inform on which projects they executed and what the results of these project were EG:how many households participate in car-sharing projects; the percentage of reduction of Public lighting per km municipal road, etc :. The combination of all this data gives the best possible insight without resorting to assumptions.
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Author: Agency NL - SENTERNOVEM
Published in: 2010
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