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Comparative Analysis of Local GHG Inventory Tools: Study Report 2009
Comparisons of GHG inventory tools are difficult. This report identifies various factors such as municipal operations and/or whole community emissions; difference in boundaries; country specific or IPCC default emission factors; CO2 or CO2e; community sectors included; municipal sectors included, cost of tool for municipalities to use; what standard or protocol used, transparency of the calculation formulae. This review covers the following tools: Grobbilanz; ECO2Region; GRIP; Bilan Carbone; Danish CO2 calculator; and ICLEI Project 2 degrees.
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  • Reporting
  • Standards
  • Achievement
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Author: N Bader, R Bleischwitz
Publisher: Violia Environment Institute
Published in: 7, 2009
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  • Europe
  • Municipal
  • Climate mitigation
  • English
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