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Green Economic Development with Renewable Energy Industries
Local governments can support the establishment of related local RE industries with
the creation of cluster initiatives. Clusters can generate synergies between private actors,
public stakeholders and research institutions, and eventually stimulate economic
development. A successful example of this is found in Dezhou, China. In 1997, the municipality
and local government of Dezhou elaborated a development plan for the
Dezhou Economic Development Zone. As a result, Dezhou has built a strong economic
base around RE, with over 120 solar energy enterprises generating an annual turnover
of USD 3.46 billion. It has established a mature technology innovation system, as well as
capacities in engineering, research and commercialisation.
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Author: Wei Yong(CAPEC) Contributors, editors and reviewers: Policy Advisory Services and Capacity Building Directorate (PACB) of IRENA; Richard Simpson, Nicola da Schio (ICLEI WS); Maryke van Staden and Siegfried Zöllner (ICLEI ES); and Ulrich Mans
Publisher: ICLEI and IRENA
Published in: 2012
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