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Lund–Eslöv District heating pipeline
The consumption of fossil fuels has been reduced by connecting the district heating grids in Lund and Eslöv and using the waste heat from Örtofta sugar factory.

This measure sought to link the district heating networks in Lund and Eslöv by a 17 km district heating pipeline. Linking with Danisco Sugar AB’s sugar factory in Örtofta makes it possible to deliver supplies of waste heat during the sugar beet season.
The section between Lund and Örtofta was brought into operation on 15th September 2006 and the supplies of extra heat from Danisco started on 20th September of the same year. The waste heat supplied has varied between 12 and 20 MW and annually provides around 36,000 MWh of heat to the district heating network.
In addition to this a 1.2 MW straw-fired boiler at Sventorps Gods was connected to the district heating pipeline during October 2006, along with a 2MW wood chip boiler at Ellinge Gods. The boiler at Ellinge Gods was brought into operation in March 2007.
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