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E-biuletyn projektu Ogród nad G?ow?
E-newsletter of Garden over the head project
E-biuletyn powsta? w ramach projektu Ogród nad G?ow? finansowanego ze ?rodków Funduszu Szwajcarskiego. Publikacja zawiera: wywiad z dr. Stephanem Brenneisenem, ekspertem w dziedzinie zielonych dachów Uniwersytetu Nauk Stosowanych w Zurichu (ZHAW), opis procesu dydaktycznego, odporno?? ogniow? dachów, opis zarz?dzania wod? opadow? i przyk?ady realizacji zielonych dachów w Polsce.

E-newslleter was prepared due to implementation of Garden over the head project, co-financed by Swiss Conrtibution Programme. Publication consists of the interview with dr. Stephan Brenneisen, an expert in the field of green roofs from Zrurrich University of Appiled Sciences, the green roof teaching process in Poland, the fire resistance of green roofs, the assistance to water management in the cities and examples of green roofs in Poland.
  • Methodology
  • Essential Element
  • Measures Implemented
  • Reporting
  • Benchmark
  • Achievement
  • Technology
Type of resource:
  • Case Study
  • Press release
  • Electronic resource
  • Awareness raising
  • General information
  • R&D / Science
Author: The Association of Municipalities Polish Network „Energie Cités” P
Publisher: The Association of Municipalities Polish Network „Energie Cités”
Published in: 5, 2014
Last updated: 5, 2014
Relevant for:
  • Poland
  • Europe
  • Business / service
  • Municipal
  • Residential
  • Biodiversity
  • Buildings
  • Climate adaptation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Responsible investment
  • Water
  • Polish
Free to use: Yes
Energy Subject:
  • Space heating / cooling
  • Energy efficiency
Renewable Energy Technology:
  • Solar energy - Photovoltaics (PV)
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