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Open European Day 2014: European cities adapt to climate change - Final Report
On 28 May 2014, around 110 representatives from mainly local authorities but also research institutions and other stakeholders gathered for the second edition of the Open European Day as a part of the global Resilient Cities conference in Bonn, Germany. City to city, and in exchange with researchers and experts, they discussed climate change adaptation challenges faced by urban areas and potential as well as already implemented solutions across Europe.
This report aims to synthesize the results of the many lively discussions. Having representatives from city administrations on the panel resulted in discussions with a unique, very much down to earth perspective. The event encouraged networking among practitioners, researchers and other experts. In this light, this report can be a source of inspiration for further action at city level as well as help enable regional, national and European authorities and research organisations in planning for climate change adaptation.
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Author: Margaretha Breil
Published in: 9, 2014
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