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SEAP-PLUS Final Publishable report
SEAP-PLUS assisted and contributed to the successful implementation of the Covenant of Mayors initiative by:
- Promoting and obtaining the adhesion of more Local and Regional Authorities to the Covenant of Mayors – as Signatories and Supporting Structures respectively
- Helping in the submission of more and better Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP)
- Facilitating collaboration among Local Governments, Regional Governments and Energy Stakeholders
- Supporting direct knowledge transfer between “experienced” and “learning” Regional Stakeholders
- Helping in the integration of SEAP in regional policies
- Promoting understanding and use of European policies and funding instruments and programmes like ELENA, IEE, JESSICA, Structural Funds, etc by Local Governments
- Reaching out and informing as many Local, Regional, National and European Stakeholders as possible
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Author: Andriana Stavrakaki
Publisher: SEAP+
Published in: 9, 2014
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