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GRANADA es Energía
On the project the main activities are the installation of near 70 kWp/year of photovoltaic power, some other Biomass facilities, and the change of near 12.400 VSAP lamps/year (which are more efficient) instead of VM lamps on public lighting and public buildings.

On the first year the estimated energy consumtion reduction is therefore 1.337.600 KWh/year. Also the estimated renewable electricity produced is 134.000 KWh/year, and renewable heat produced of 50.000 KWh/year.

Next years the energy reduction and production will be double the second year, triple the third year and quadruple on the fourth year.

On the first year the estimated reduction in CO2 emissions is therefore 1.465.830 kgCO2/year.

The Plan which foresees a budget of near 1.500.000 euro/year on the local municipalities of the Region, to improve the use of efficient machines, develope R.E. facilities, and inform local population.
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Author: Province of Granada
Published in: 2009
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