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LOLLAND Municipality, Denmark Hydrogen Community Lolland – a European role model
The Hydrogen Community Lolland is a demonstration facility for hydrogen and fuel cell technology and energy storage. It addresses the need for providing sustainable energy directly to the end-user – with stable
distribution and high efficiency. Power produced by wind turbines is stored and later used to provide complete heating and electricity needs of the residents in Lolland municipality. The target audiences for the
demonstrations are mostly companies, researchers, delegations and educational institutions both from Denmark and from abroad. Since August 2009, there have been more than 300 groups of visitors, consisting of
somewhere between 20 to 600 people.
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LG Action case_Lolland_climate plan_EN.pdf [LG Action case_Lolland_climate plan_EN.pdf, 398.94 kb]
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Author: Local Government Denmark (LGDK)
Published in: 6, 2011
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