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MAKE IT BE - Report on implementation of bioenergy initiatives
The overall project objective had to increase the share of bio-energy in regional energy portfolios.
Tools had developed and applied in order to support a large scale integration of biomass resources
and bio-energy projects into the regional energy planning.
Four regional Bioenergy partnerships had set up in Italy, Slovenia, UK and Austria. These
partnerships were meant to exchange enhancing the communication between stakeholders. On the
basis of regional biomass potential and demand assessment, and through an intense consultation of
regional stakeholders, the project delivered concrete bio-energy agendas paving a clear way for the
development of bio-energy supply chains. The tools delivered and the results achieved are meant to
be disseminated towards other EU countries and regions.
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Author: EEE; CRPV, Centuria Rit & CTI; ZGS; HB
Published in: 2012
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