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Energy Benchmark for Wastewater Treatment Processes- a comparison between Sweden and Austria
International benchmarking can be used as an important tool to improve energy efficiency for wastewater treatment plants. In Austria, continued benchmarking has resulted in decreased electrical energy costs by 30 %. A similar study has recently been carried out in Sweden as well. Due to increased energy consumption combined with rising energy prices the Swedish Water & Wastewater Association initiated an energy saving program. The objective of the project was to survey the energy usage and from that determine where energy usage can be decreased. International studies show that Sweden is using more energy than many other countries in wastewater treatment processes.
This thesis is a benchmark study between WWTPs in Sweden and Austria with focus on energy consumption. Input data from previous studies carried out in both countries has been evaluated and compared. The potential of energy self-sufficiency in wastewater treatment plants is also discussed.
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Author: Malin Jonasson
Published in: 9, 2007
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