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An annual activity report of the climate plan of Paris called “Blue Climate” identifies the budgets voted and executed for all the actions undertaken under the Climate Plan in Paris. It is a tool of information and evaluation important to monitor the City of Paris’ engagements in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by sectors in its fields of competence but also in the areas where the City of Paris acts like an officer of the territory. This document also provides an update on the budget implementation and the progress of actions of the previous year. It allows also valuing the greenhouse gas emissions and financial savings achieved. Climate Blue presents the actions to be made in subsequent years as part of the Climate Plan. This yearly report is a part of a performance approach of the City.
Until today three Blue Climates for the year of 2008-2009-2010 have been published. The 2011 version has been voted and will be published soon.
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Author: Paris
Published in: 2011
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