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MAKE IT BE -presentation at events on regional bioenergy chains
Communication and dissemination of the project results was one of the most important actions
of the MAKE-IT-BE project. The project aimed to disseminate the tools and the results
achieved towards other EU regions in order to encourage the replication of sustainable
planning initiatives as well as to disseminate the project results to other relevant target groups.
It is estimated that much more than 1.000 decisionmakers and stakeholders have
been informed thorough the lifetime of the project: this was achieved by sharing good
practices, methodology and tools developed, and project results have been disseminated
through mailing lists, articles, news, press releases, thematic websites and the project website,
as well as through the 90 events both regional, national and European – thereby ensuring
optimal outbreak of the MAKE-IT-BE project results.
More than 12,000 visitors had a visit of the MAKE-IT-BE website.
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Author: ELO, CRPV, EEE, CTI, ICLEI, HB, ZGS, Centuria Rit
Published in: 2012
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