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Integrating Ambitious Renewable Energy Targets in City Planning
Targets can set the direction of current and future local action for increasing the share
of RE. Local governments can develop and set targets through many routes, such as
through integration into municipal operations, integration into comprehensive city strategies
and plans, or through sector-specific targets. The city of Malmö, Sweden, is a case
in point. The city set targets such that by 2020, Malmö is expected to be climate neutral
and have all municipal operations run on 100% RE by 2030. Malmö has benefited from
committed local politicians, private RE investment, strong co-operation with regional
stakeholders and a thorough knowledge of the locally available RE sources. Although
the implementation plan is still in its early stages, the target setting has been a success
and has allowed the local government to integrate, synchronise and mainstream the
targets across the City of Malmö’s plans.
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Author: Emily Dowding-Smith (ICLEI WS), Editors and contributors: Policy Advisory Services and Capacity Building Directorate (PACB) of IRENA; Richard Simpson, Nicola da Schio (ICLEI WS), Maryke van Staden and Siegfried Zöllner (ICLEI ES), Malin Norling, Katrin Pe
Published in: 2013
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