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Covenant of Mayors videos - 2011 Mälmö - green energy revolution
Mälmö (SE) is a signatory to the Covenant of Mayors, along with over 3000 other cities, all committed to reducing carbon emissions by at least 20% by 2020.
Augustenborg in Mälmö hosts the largest green roof in Europe, just under 1 square kilometre in area. Initially developed as part of a storm water management programme it also helps to improves the city's micro-climate and provide a haven for wildlife.
Sustainable Hilda is a housing development that serves to show what can be achieved with vision and strategy.
Among many features, the refit includes food waste processors in every sink in every flat. Food waste is collected and used to produce biogas. Biogas powers over 42% of all the city's buses. Following the collapse of the shipyard in Mälmö and the consequent unemployment in the 1990s, the municipality needed to transform itself and the harbour, resulting in the Western Harbour development, a shining example of sustainability, powered 100% by locally produced renewable energy.
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Author: Director: Christian Vassie; Drink Me Productions © 2011
Published in: 2011
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