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Joint Procurement of clean Vehicles: New Non-polluting and Energy Efficient Vehicles
One of the most common problems when starting
the introduction of Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles
is to fi nd vehicles. For AFVs there is an uncertainty
of the demand and many times the car dealers abstain
from introducing a model in a country. By gathering a
substantial amount of buyers it is possible to overcome
this. By giving the vehicle sellers a proof of the extent
of the demand it may also be possible to lower the price
per unit.
The market for cars, vans, minibuses and transporters
is more or less pan-European. The total European fl eet
consists of about 200 million vehicles. This means that it
is hard for any single actor to infl uence this market.
By gathering a larger number of customers it is however
possible to get the manufacturers interested.
Joint procurement can be used for introducing new
technologies on the market, introducing more models
and/or get a lower price on new technology. A joint
procurement can be done within one country or as an
international project.
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