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MAKE IT BE -Guidelines for the development of supporting tools for bio-energy initiatives
The European Union (EU) has agreed to reach 20% of its total energy consumption through renewable energy sources (RES) by 2020, as outlined in the EU climate and energy package. This requires a contribution from all possible RES options, including bioenergy. Biomass has huge potential to become a reliable energy source, with the added value that it can support decentralised energy provision at community level, thereby improving the security of energy supply (reducing the need for fuel imports, and contributing to more stable energy prices), also generating local or regional employment opportunities and contributing to climate protection by replacing polluting fuels with carbon neutral or low emissions fuels. The future development of Biomass should follow some basic principles, such as high conversion efficiency as well as competitiveness and sustainability.
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Guidelines for the development of supporting tools for bio-energy initiatives.pdf [Guidelines for the development of supporting tools for bio-energy initiatives.pdf, 4379.62 kb]
  • Methodology
  • Tools
  • Target
  • Plan Action
  • Implement Action
  • Energy
  • People
  • Policy
  • Renewables
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  • Guideline / handbook
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Author: CTI and CRPV, contributions from all Make It Be Partners
Published in: 2012
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  • Europe
  • Forestry
  • Institutional
  • Climate change
  • Climate mitigation
  • Energy
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  • Energy production
Renewable Energy Technology:
  • Bioenergy
  • Bioenergy - Biomass
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