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Climate cities Benchmarking System
The internet based tool ECORegion helps municipalities to calculate their CO2 emissions and to follow up on the achievements of their climate work. The tool provides series of CO2 and energy balances, for example per energy carrier, and per sector. It is suitable both for monitoring the overall CO2 reduction in a municipality during a certain period and for monitoring progress within a specific sector. The tool provides a balancing that can be used retroactively until 1990. The following sectors are considered: public facilities, households, private sector and transport. Due to country specific data provided by the tool a first starting balance can be calculated by entering a limited amount of data. The European Commission officially recognises ECORegion as an efficient tool for the Covenant of Mayors. By means of an automatic function relevant balancing data can be exported to the Baseline Emission Inventory of the SEAP template. EcoRegion is used by more than 800 local authorities
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Author: Climate Alliance
Published in: 2011
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