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ASSESSMENT REPORT: Huelva Training Seminar for Supporting Structures 18-19 November 2010, Huelva, Spain
The 1st Training Seminar for Supporting Structures aimed at exploring needs, sharing knowledge and optimizing assistance and support provided to Supporting Structures (SSt) and potential SSt of the Covenant of Mayors (CoM) – in order to improve their support to “their” cities and towns.
The Seminar also has as objective addressing many of the different steps needed in the implementation of effective climate and energy action, starting from planning, through roll-out and implementation, to monitoring of activities.
The Seminar was structured into two sections:
(i) Introducing the CoM and the important role played by SSt in its framework; and
(ii) addressing technical aspects: financing, participation processes, and networking.
Key aspects the seminar concept was built on, was to respond to SSt training needs identified in the ENERGY FOR MAYORS survey, conducted in mid 2010. This survey helped to explore activities and issues SSt are typically engaged, or interested in.
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