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Green Meeting Guide 2009 - Roll out the Green Carpet for your Participants
The environmental footprint of meetings large and small is gaining increasing attention world-wide from the Olympic Games to a concert in a local town-hall - the
United Nations is no exception. Indeed the UN, with its global, regional and national activities is perhaps one of the most active conveners of meetings in the world -
from the General Assembly in New York to small groups of experts gathering in, say,Africa, Asia or Latin America.
The Guide focuses in particular on the most common type of meetings: small and medium sized meetings with up to 200 participants. It is structured to support those individuals and teams who are responsible for the organisation and the logistics related to the event. Its two core sections -“Green meetings: what to know” and “Green meetings: what to do”- will give the readers both the elements to explain the background and justification to organise a green meeting, and a practical checklist to guide the implementation phase.
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Publisher: United Nations Environment Programme
Published in: 2009
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