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District heating in Ålesund, Norway
Ålesund municipality is the place in in Norway that is using the biggest amount of distance district heating in Norway. Distance heating has two sources in Ålesund; The waste combustion centre in Grautneset and the heatpump seabased in Blixvalen. It is the energycompany Tafjord kraft that is producing the waterborn distance heating to the clients in the bigger part of Ålesund.The municipality owns more than 50% of the stocks in the company.
A new combustion oven has been installed and when the new combustion central is finalised in autumn 2009 the available distance hearing energy will be 150 million kWh per year, and a electricity production of max 28 million kWh. Today the district heating is gathered in the company Tafjord Kraftvarme and the two different distance heating nets are now interlinked into one system. This linking together of two energy systems was a project in itself. A cable of 9 kilometers was put down to make the two systems one
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Author: Aalesund
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