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Carbon Footprint
Carbon Footprint-what it is and how to measure it
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Carbon footprint [Carbon-footprint.pdf, 300.95 kb]
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Published in: 2007
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Remarks: Climate change is of high concern, driving growing demand for carbon footprint information. This leaflet is designed to help your organisation get started with an efficient and effective approach to address this topic, building on existing international standards and European reference data; further information and data sources including links to service providers are included. We recommend to maximise the benefits of work on Carbon footprints to “get the most out of this”. This includes providing customers and other stakeholders with broader life cycle information related to your products and for internal purposes such as for identifying hot-spots along the supply-chain, potential risks, opportunities for related improvements, to avoid shifting burdens to other types of environmental impacts as well as to anticipate upcoming demands in the context of “Sustainable Consumption and Production”, a core commitment of the European Commission. This can all be achieved using existing, well-established approaches
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