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MAKE IT BE - Regional Bioenergy Partnerships meetings' reports
The Make It Be Project included the formation of Regional Bioenergy Partnerships (RBPs) which were designed to support the development of bio-energy initiatives within Austria, Italy, Scotland and Slovenia. The aim of the creation of Regional Bioenergy Partnerships was to boost regional capacities and know-how and to address the non market barriers that hinder the development of Bio-energy. By developing Regional Bio-energy partnerships (RBPs) the project facilitated cross sector communication and problem solving. The RBPs were comprised of decision makers and stakeholders who could bring experience and expertise to discussions about the most appropriate way to accelerate the development of renewable bioenergy technologies in each region.
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Regional Bioenergy Partnerships meetings' reports.pdf [Regional Bioenergy Partnerships meetings' reports.pdf, 694.69 kb]
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Author: HB, CRPV, Centuria Rit, EEE, ZGS
Published in: 2012
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