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REScoop 20-20-20: Best practices report
The acronym REScoop stands for “Renewable Energy Sources Cooperative”. It refers to any group of citizens that cooperate in the field of renewable energy, which includes developing new production, selling renewable energy or providing energy related services. Given the presence of this type of initiatives throughout Europe and their potential impact, they are no longer marginal but we can start talking about a movement.

The purpose of this report is threefold. To begin with it describes fifteen best practice examples across Europe, providing valuable insights in these best practices for new and existing REScoops. Secondly, it constitutes a base for further research in the REScoop project. This research will focus on best practices and create, amongst other things, standard business and financing models for starting REScoops. Thirdly, the report aims to confirm the importance and effectiveness of REScoops in order to
accelerate RES acceptance and installation.
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