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Modèles urbains durables CATMED - Résultats et méthologie
CATMED urban sustainable models - Results and methodology
This document presents the results and methodology to implement the CATMED project. Eleven cities worked on a common set of indicators on urban sustainability (compactness, complexity, transport and mobility, water and energy consumption, social cohesion, etc) and developed parallel participative pilot experiences in their territory. This document underlines the shared Mediterranean specificities and the interest of territorial cooperation and its leverage effect in partner cities. CATMED has a great audience and political representatives of each partner city committed themselves to support the CATMED platform on sustainable urban models by signing the Malaga Charter.
  • Methodology
  • Political Commitment
  • Process
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  • Report
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Author: CATMED network - Observatorio del Medio Ambiente Urbano Malaga - Institut de la Méditerranée
Publisher: Observatorio del Medio Ambiente Urbano - Malaga City Council
Published in: 5, 2012
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  • Spain
  • Europe
  • Municipal
  • Climate change
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  • Energy efficiency -Action
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  • Geothermal energy
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