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Municipal Energy Information System
Implementation of an energy efficiency policy is not possible without reliable information on which evaluations, analyses and decisions may be based. The availability of a database on energy consumption by municipalities is the most secure source of information on energy consumption.
The database extends over the entire stock of buildings owned by the municipality or placed under its management. It contains information on consumption by major sectors, individual buildings, energy types, as well as data on energy costs and their share of the municipal budget. The information may be divided into two groups of data:
• primary information about the site, which is relatively constant and provides data about the principal design and construction characteristics of the building, its installed capacity and energy supply;
• variable data, related to the changing levels of energy consumption by fuel types, time periods, and technologies.
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MEIS User Guide [MEIS User Guide.pdf, 2071.8 kb]
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Author: Centre for Energy Efficiency EnEffect
Last updated: 2011
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