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altbau plus, Infoservice energiesparendes Sanieren
The organisation altbau plus was established 27.01.2004.
The main actor taking the initiative was the city of Aachen. The council of the town commissioned the
administration to initiate an organisation with the below-mentioned goals. It was intended to get all
organisations involved who are confronted with this subject as well users, proprietors, sciences, craftsmen,
universities, energy-suppliers, etc. The idea was to get a good cooperation between the different actors and
to bundle the knowledge. So the costumers have one partner to deal with and can be sure to get
independent information. In the beginning there has been a bit of suspicion among the members, if the
advices given in deed are independent. Independence is a very important aspect.
Many of the members are interested in the issue itself, as it represents one main focus of their daily work.
  • Methodology
  • Target
  • Process
  • Monitor & Evaluate
  • Reporting
  • Benchmark
  • Standards
Type of resource:
  • Benchmark / model
  • Electronic resource
  • Awareness raising
  • General information
  • Guidance
  • Reporting
Author: Aachen
Published in: 2010
Relevant for:
  • Germany
  • Europe
  • Institutional
  • Municipal
  • Residential
  • German
Free to use: Yes
Energy Subject:
  • Energy use
  • Energy efficiency
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