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ESPON ATLAS - Territorial Dimensions of the Europe 2020 Strategy
ESPON has published an Atlas to analyse the territorial dimension of the Europe 2020 Strategy and to present the regional and, when possible, urban dimension of Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth as defined in the Strategy.

The ATLAS delivers territorial evidence, including maps that illustrate major trends, potentials and challenges facing regions and cities and allows policy makers comparing and benchmarking their territories towards the targets related to the Strategy.
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Publisher: ESPON
Published in: 6, 2013
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Free to use: No
Terms of use / copyright info:
Permission is given to use the ESPON information, such as maps, graphs, data and findings under the condition that the following requirements are fully met:

a) ESPON information has to be cited twofold as:

© ESPON 2013
Origin of information: ESPON project (acronym), Lead Partner institution

b) ESPON data has to be cited twofold as:

© ESPON Database
Origin of data: ESPON project (acronym), organization mentioned in the metadata as the ‘responsible party’

c) In case ESPON results are used, such as findings, maps and graphs, a disclaimer must be placed in the beginning of the report, visible and readable, saying: ”Texts and maps stemming from research projects under the ESPON programme presented in this report do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the ESPON Monitoring Committee”.

d) ESPON maps reproduced must follow the ESPON map design and include the ESPON disclaimer and the ESPON logo as well as the outermost regions.

e) To exclude using the ESPON map design for new maps produced by projects outside the ESPON framework

f) A printed copy of the final report, article or project using ESPON material must be sent to the ESPON Coordination Unit (
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