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WHY INTEGRATE a Sustainable Energy Action Plan with an ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM?
The “Energy for Mayors“ (E4M) project supported the
attainment of EU climate and energy goals by promoting
the Covenant of Mayors initiative with particular focus on Territorial Coordinators and Supporters.More
than 80 selected municipalities were supported, among these pilot municipalities developed an Energy Management System (EnMS – compliant with ISO 50001:2011) together with their SEAP, in order to benefit from the synergies of both tools.
Local Governments can face difficulties in keeping track of energy aspects, and this is exactly what an EnMS is there for. Benefits include the improved, systematic collection of energy data and the integration of energy policies in daily management activities.
These guidelines will help provide a better understanding of the process of integrating a SEAP with an EnMS.
  • Methodology
  • Tools
  • Essential Element
  • Implement Action
  • Measures Implemented
  • Monitor & Evaluate
  • Achievement
  • Energy
  • Financing
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Author: Marco Devetta
Publisher: Sogesca Ltd
Published in: 2013
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