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Quick Reference Guide on Joint Sustainable Energy Action Plan
Energy planning: How to join forces across cities and regions? Quick Reference Guide on Joint Sustainable Energy Action Plan, outlines the benefits of the joint SEAP approach and the modalities according to which it can be adopted within the Covenant of Mayors framework. The guide describes the joint SEAP process as a collective endeavour, carried out by a group of neighbouring local authorities building a common vision, preparing an emission inventory and defining a set of actions to be implemented both individually and jointly in the concerned territory. The reference document provides additional guidance on why the approach is interesting, who is eligible, what options are available, what the method means in practice and examples of how signatories have used it so far.
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Joint_SEAP_guide-2.pdf [Joint_SEAP_guide-2.pdf, 181.89 kb]
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Published in: 12, 2014
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