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One Planet Mobility European Cities Scoping Study for REAP
REAP is a software tool. It has two basic functionalities. First, it can be used to assess
the current environmental performance of a nation, region, municipality or city using a
suite of indicators such as:
 Carbon footprint (CO2 and GHG emissions)
 Real land footprint (land-use)
 Ecological Footprint
 Local air pollution footprints?
This is what we call the “REAP baseline”. Second, REAP can be used to answer “What if”
questions about the effects of policy on the environment and to help formulate
strategies for local, regional and national government. This is what we call “REAP
Scenarios”. The REAP scenario manager will allow to generate a series of transport
scenarios aimed at steering towards mobility patterns, which are compatible with
ecological limits.
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OPM_REAP_Scoping_Study_Nov2009.pdf [OPM_REAP_Scoping_Study_Nov2009.pdf, 4211.68 kb]
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  • Baseline
  • Plan Action
  • Implement Action
  • Measures Implemented
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