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MAKE IT BE - Highlights and results of the Project
The utilisation of biomass for bioenergy is an essential component of the renewable energy strategy for Europe. Most energy projects that will use a biomass feedstock are inherently “local” or “regional” in nature – at least until the biomass is converted into a higher value energy source. Achieving a positive energy balance from the processing of biomass material often means that the implementation of bioenergy projects requires the development of local supply chains that avoid significant raw material transportation costs.
Growing the whole bioenergy market requires knowledge about the availability of biomass material and technologies for conversion of this to a useful energy form. It also requires knowledge about the need for energy in that form – from the need for climate protection to local economic development and the role renewable can play here. Easy-to-use tools and methodologies are also needed to help facilitate the development of local bioenergy business opportunities.
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Author: CPRV, ICLEI, Highland Birchwoods, CTI, EEE, ELO, ZGS, CENTURIA RIT
Published in: 2012
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  • Climate change
  • Climate mitigation
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