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Germanwatch report: The End of EU Climate Leadership
The EU is no longer the world leader on climate policies. Other major countries have caught up or even outpaced the EU. U.S. and China now show at least as much headway in their climate change policies as the EU. This situation is highly problematic, as in the past EU climate action did encourage both OECD and Non-OECD countries to take on more ambitious action.

Returning to its role as a climate leader would be beneficial for European competitiveness. The EU urgently needs a more comprehensive decarbonisation approach that combines protective elements for those industry sectors really adversely affected by stricter climate regulation with a state-backed framework for an investment and innovation strategy. Such a new strategy could become the cornerstone of a sustainable economic recovery in the EU.
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Author: Christoph Bals, Charlotte Cuntz, Oldag Caspar, Jan Burck
Publisher: Germanwatch
Published in: 11, 2013
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