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carbonn Cities Climate Registry (cCCR: Annual Report 2013
The cCCR is the world’s largest public database of local climate action. It contains 3870 mitigation and adaptation actions, 870 climate and energy commitments, and 771 inventories covering around 2.25 Gigatons Co2e of annual GHG emissions. The cCCR catalyzes the trustworthiness of local and subnational governments by improving transparency, accountability and comparability of local climate actions.
  • Plan Action
  • Monitor & Evaluate
  • Reporting
  • Benchmark
  • Financing
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  • Case Study
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  • Awareness raising
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Author: Lucas de Moncuit
Publisher: Bonn Center for Local Climate Action and Reporting (carbon n Center) , ICLEI - Local Government s for Sustainability
Published in: 2013
Relevant for:
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Northern America
  • Oceania
  • English
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The material of this publication is copyrighted. Requests to reproduce the material, in part or in full, should be sent to The carbonn Center encourages the dissemination and use of this report and permission to reproduce will usually be granted promptly without charge if the reproduction is for non-commercial puproses.

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