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Guidelines on how to develop a Sustainable Energy Action Plan integrated with an Energy Management System based on ISO 50001:2011
This guide aims to help Local Authrorities, particularly Municipalities, in managing and implementing Energy management systems and a Sustainable Energy Action Plan – SEAP – in their local context, and to highlight benefits of simultaneously applying these two energy management tools.
The standard for Energy Management Systems EN ISO 50001 provides a practical approach where the ISO 50001 Standard requirements are presented and discussed in their application to the Public Administrations; moreover, concrete problems and aspects of the SEAP planning, implementation and maintenance are presented and developed under the perspective of EnMS (Energy Management System) implementation.
The connections between ISO 50001 and SEAP implementation processes are also analysed. This will help local bodies to apply ISO 50001 experience in SEAP planning and management, thus helping personnel involved in the actions to develop a common path for implementing and monitoring the SEAP.
  • Methodology
  • Tools
  • Essential Element
  • Implement Action
  • Measures Implemented
  • Monitor & Evaluate
  • Champion
  • Energy
  • Financing
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  • Guideline / handbook
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Author: Marco Devetta
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