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Determination of average and specific values. Instruction for use of the sample matrix for determination of average and specific values
Quite often in the process of working out of the Municipal Energy Programme the municipalities do not have at hand all the required data. This problem can be overcome to a large extent on the basis of already existing data from performed audits or implemented projects in the municipality. It is possible to
calculate from the existing buildings average values and parameters per unit of floor area or any other unit for the respective type of buildings/projects. It is possible also to use data from analogous buildings and projects in other municipalities, which are then adjusted by the difference in the degree-days between the two municipalities.
The Table “Average and specific values” is intended to assist the entry of data from energy audits, financed projects or other sources and on that basis to calculate average and specific parameters required for municipal energy planning, such as: investments/m2, energy or cost savings per m2, Simple Payback Period etc.
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