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energetic improvement of a six-field sports hall
The city of Worms has set a climate protection and energy efficiency concept with the target to reduce the CO2-emissions in all sectors. This includes besides private households, communal buildings and traffic, the industrial sector.

To reduce emissions in the industrial sector in the long term a measure called “EnergieEffizienz-Tisch Worms” (i.e. energy efficiency network Worms) was generated in 2010. The municipality initiated the network-project but retained “Modell Hohenlohe e. V.” as project executing organisation. The network was founded together with 11 members, all industrial companies located in Worms and its surrounding areas. Target is to increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2-emissions on the other side. To achieve this target the companies are being advised by external consultants, each one directly on their industrial plant.
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Published in: 2011
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