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Climate Action in Megacities: C40 Cities Baseline and Opportunities
The 40 participating members of the C40 Cities Climate
Leadership Group represent 297 million people and
generate 18% of global GDP and 10% of global carbon
emissions. Collectively they have taken 4,734 actions
to tackle climate change. Over three quarters of these
actions (74%) have been implemented since the C40
was founded in 2005.
This report is a comprehensive analysis of what the mayors of the C40 participating cities are doing to tackle climate change. Based on a survey of member cities, it analyses the powers, actions and opportunities of the world’s 40 premier cities to reduce carbon emissions and adapt to global warming.
It demonstrates that C40 cities have many of the powers
necessary to mitigate climate change, and adapt to it. It
also demonstrates that the mayors of C40 cities are already using those powers to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – actions that have accelerated rapidly due to the collaboration achieved between cities in the C40.
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ARUP C40 Basline Report.pdf [ARUP C40 Basline Report.pdf, 4847.24 kb]
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Author: The C40 commissioned Arup to co-author this report as the first-ever comprehensive analysis of actions underway in the world’s megacities to address climate change
Published in: 6, 2011
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