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Fara San Martino (CH): built for the environment
Here follows a short review of Fara San Martino's benchmaks of excellence:
- "Bosco sicuro" (Safe wood) flag: in the 2006/2007 six fires interested the Municipality; subsequently a plan for the mitigation of fire risk has benn implemented bringing Fara San Martino at the first place for the achievement of the "Bosco sicuro" flag.
- Separate collection of rubbish: in this field the town has won two important prizes: gold medal in Abruzzo region and bronze medal at national level for the "Comuni Ricicloni" (Recycling Municiaplities) prize organizes by Legambiente.
- "Bandiera Verde Agricoltura" (Green Agricolture flag): the Italian Agricolture Confederation has assigned this flag to Fara San Martino for its care and commitment in the environment protection and promotion of the territory.
- On 2009, February 7th Fara San Martino has received the prize as "Better town 2008".
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