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LundaMaTs - Sustainable transport system
In Lund a well-known and clear strategy, LundaMaTs, has been in place since 1996, with a vision, goals and steps to achieve a sustainable transport system. The conditions for public transport are being constantly improved in Lund by, for example, allowing buses to have their own lanes on roads with heavy traffic. All city buses run on a mix of natural gas and biogas. The Lund Link is a very popular bus route for commuters travelling between the town centre and the north eastern parts of the city. On its route it joins up nearly half of the city┬┤s workplaces. The municipality┬┤s vision is to have a tram on this route by 2014, wich would both increase the capacity and frequency of the service. Then we can continue building tracks in the eastern parts of the municipality.
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Refers to the city of Lund
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