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20 intermediate Local Authorities have joined COM
With the support of the Union of the Italian Provinces, 20 intermediate Local Authorities have joined the Covenant of Mayors.
In the Island of Palmaria (Italy), in the framework of the international Conference on environment organized by the Province of La Spezia from the 24th to the 26th of September, in collaboration with the UNION OF THE ITALIAN PROVINCES (UPI) and the network of intermediate Mediterranean local authorities ARCO LATINO (AL), other 20 italian supporting structures have signed the Covenant of Mayors.
Italian Provinces of Agrigento, Alessandria, L’Aquila, Arezzo, Bologna, Caserta, Crotone, Grosseto, Isernia, Lecce, Massa Carrara, Matera, Messina, Novara, Pisa, Potenza, Venezia, Vicenza, Ragusa, Siracusa and the French Department of Hérault have joined the Covenant of Mayors taking the field in the domains of energy and environment.
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