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OSTRAVA, Czech Republic Test case: multi-purpose house running 100% on renewable energy
As an important test case, an old nursery building on the outskirts of Ostrava was changed into a multi-purpose low-energy house for children, their teachers and families. The idea of the project was to study the possibility to increase building space and use technologies for low-energy building construction, including renewable energy sources (RES). The project realized a new, innovative and environmentally friendly energy approach – using solar energy, a
biomass boiler for wood chips, and an underground heat exchanger for heat recovery. Although the building area increased, fuel consumption decreased, and energy is 100% supplied from renewable energy
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LG Action case_Ostrava_EN.pdf [LG Action case_Ostrava_EN.pdf, 413.22 kb]
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Author: Regional Environmental Centre for Central and Eastern Europe (REC)
Published in: 6, 2011
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