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Energy Performance Construction
EPC is a method used to retrieve and analyze facts about buildings. The consultants carrying out the analysis provides a guarantee commitment on achieved energy efficiency. Regards heating, cooling, climate shell, lighting and operating. By using this method we will realize some funds that will increase the possibility to use the savings for more costly investments in the future. The funds will be converted into the municipality budget each year. Implementation of EPC will help the Municipality to achieve the goals for our program. The effect of these projects will create funds that will be used in the future to extend the municipality budget. The funds, together with the local budget will be used to future energy savings in buildings.
The measurements will in some cases provide solutions for energy saving up to 20 % of the buildings energy use. Replacement of street lights to high pressure sodium ligths in all of the municipalilty. Electricity saving quaranteed up to 630 MWh each year
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Author: Ă„lmhults
Published in: 2011
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