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1st national meeting between Supporting Structure
The first national coordination meeting among the 38 Italian provinces signatories to the Covenant of Mayors was held on 25th of November in Rome. The meeting, convened by the Union of Italian Provinces, as part of its involvement as supporting structure of the Covenant of Mayors gathered representatives from the European Commission, the EESC, the EIB, but, and mainly representatives from many Italian provinces, the Italian Ministry of Environment, and ANCI another supporting structure. The aim is to start a confrontation on concrete initiatives and initiate the reflection on the forthcoming actions in order to meet the 2020 targets on energy and environment set by the EU.
  • Methodology
  • Tools
  • Political Commitment
  • Target
  • Process
  • Plan Action
  • Implement Action
  • Monitor & Evaluate
  • Benchmark
  • Energy
  • Policy
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  • Benchmark / model
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  • Awareness raising
  • Capacity development
  • General information
  • Guidance
  • Implementation (criteria)
  • Policy (national)
  • Reporting
Author: Union of Italian Provinces
Published in: 2010
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  • Climate change
  • Energy
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