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Sant Cugat and its Greywater Municipal Ordinance
Several years ago the city of Sant Cugat endorsed a model of sustainable development which has been implemented in entrepreneurial and territorial terms as well as social and environmental terms.
Aware of its privilage green environment, our city has worked to rpotect green areas and the quality of life they provide to people living and working there.
According to these facts, in 2002 our city was the first city in Spain to decree a water ordinance that would regulate greywaters.
Since 2002, Sant Cugat applies the following saving measures:
1. Use of fluvial waters
2. Use of phreatic waters
3. Reutilization of greywater
4. Reutilization of remaining waters coming from swimming pools
5. Installation of mechanisms of water saving
During the last seven years 5.653 houses have included at least one of these systems.
Thanks to the implementation of these measures domestic water consumption has been reduced by 124 liters, from 273 liters per person in 2003 to 149 in 2008.
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