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Mobilisation of citizens
FEDARENE are involved in many projects targeting citizens. Some of these projects had impressing results in terms of energy savings through very simlpe measures.

Here are some examples of successful projcts some are still on-going :

Energy Neighbourhoods: The aim of the Energy Neighbourhood Project is to inspire and encourage communities to achieve energy savings through taking specific action to reduce energy consumption through changes in behaviour alone. The results are inspiring: teams achieved an average energy saving of 10%. The winning team from Sweden managed an impressive 37% through simple and cost effective measures such as using energy saving lamps, disabling standby and changing their behaviour.

The “European Citizens Climate Cup” is a competition of private households within and between countries. It aims to demonstrate that everybody can save energy significantly and even beat the reduction targets of the European Union and its member states.
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Author: FEDARENE - European Federation of Regions and Agencies for Energy and Environment
Published in: 2011
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